Michael Kline's Photo Gallery

Michael Kline I have been taking photographs since I was a young boy. I began (of course) with film, 35 mm black and white, and developed and printed my photographs in the darkroom. I considered black and white to be the "purest" form of photography, and attempted to produce images which accurately represented reality, with as much detail as possible. Later, I started using color slide film, but left the developing and printing to others, because of the difficulty involved. When I discovered Photoshop, I became fascinated with the possibilities it presented. I began to scan my color slides, and used Photoshop to manipulate the tonal range, color intensity and balance, and perspective.

I switched completely to a digital camera only a few years ago, when obtaining and traveling with film became too difficult, and the technology advanced to the point that I was satisfied with the quality of the images. I no longer feel constrained to produce "accurate" images of the subjects I photograph, and do a considerable amount of retouching and combining of images when it feels appropriate.

I took these photographs in Europe in 2008, and at Esalen and the surrounding Big Sur area during my stays here from 2008 until now. Some are fairly "straight" prints; others have been modified extensively. All are printed digitally, using an Epson printer and archival inks and papers.

My influences from the world of photography have been Edward Weston, Minor White, and Jerry Uelsmann. Other artists whose influence seems to have crept into my work are Edward Hopper, Morris Louis, and Helen Frankenthaler.

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